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VillageShop – Finland's largest department store


The VillageShop 

The VillageShop is located in Tuuri village of a population of 500 in Alavus, and it is Finland's largest department store. The shop that now celebrates its 40th anniversary and its selection have grown in size. The VillageShop and the nearly one hundred businesses it has attracted form a business village with a unique spontaneous atmosphere that is hard to describe.

The lowest prices in Finland, most attractive selection of goods and friendliest sales personnel guarantee customer satisfaction.

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OnnenKylä's very own monument – OnnenKenkä (LuckyShoe)

All the best known tourist cities in the world have a special attraction. Paris has Eiffel Tower, New York has the Statue of Liberty and Pisa its leaning tower. Tuuri – the world's best known village - has also its own monument. For more than fifteen years, the OnnenKenkä (LuckyShoe) monument of Tuuri travel village has welcomed tourists to Tuuri. OnnenKenkä is a golden unicorn shoe; its position symbolizes our sincere, unselfish desire to distribute good luck to all who visit OnnenKylä.

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Largest selection in Finland


Tavarapuoti is a shopping paradise of more than 30,000 square meters. Its selection includes more than 250,000 different products, certainly offering something for everyone. You enter Tavarapuoti through the doors of a large red ochre farmhouse, typical of Ostrobothnia. The logs in the façade come from a house built in the 18th century. Shopping in the VillageShop is already a vivid experience.

b ruokapuoti kauppakatu keskinenfazer leipurintori ruokapuoti tuuri

Ruokapuoti (FoodShop)

A golden castle towers over the Ostrobothnian fields; it is sure to impress everyone who visits Tuuri. The FoodShop is certainly the most peculiar food shop in the world. The skylight of Kauppakatu (MarketStreet) and its magnificent pillars are alone worth the visit. And, naturally, Ruokapuoti food selection is the largest in Finland.

VillageShop is so much more

The VillageShop is an umbrella for shops like Tavarapuoti and FoodShop, Hotel OnnenTähti (LuckyStar), RV Park Onnela, gas station OnnenLiekki, comprehensive restaurant services in OnnenKivi and OnnenTähti, Finland's largest Moomin playground and, in the summertime, Taimimyymälä (PlantShop), Miniature Golf course and, of course, Miljoona Tivoli amusement park.

The VillageShop has Finland's largest selection of merchandise by far. We have paid special attention to creating a comfortable environment with lots to experience.

VillageShop – what an experience!

Finland's largest VillageShop is more than just shopping. We want to give more to our customers, which is why there is always something interesting going on in the VillageShop. More than a hundred events, small and large, are organized in the VillageShop area each year.

In addition to the events, the front yard of Tavarapuoti called Kesätori (SummerMarket) offers cheerful market atmosphere with its sales booths. In the summertime, take a free tour around the VillageShop area in the SummerTrain or play a round of golf in our Minigolf miniature golf course on the banks of the Tuuri River. 

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The VillageShop offers pleasure and joy to the little ones in the family!

Miljoona Tivoli is the superb highpoint of the summer. Everyone finds something to enjoy in the extensive selection of rides and games. Hop in and delve into the fun world of rides and cotton candy! Miljoona Tivoli charges nothing for children under 13 years of age.

The SummerTrain transports you free of charge in the VillageShop area and its surroundings.

Tuuri is teeming with life –

lapset tuuri keskinen kesakylakaupan kesa miljoona tivoli keskinen tuuri

The VillageShop loves children

The VillageShop wants to make life easy for families with children. We provide several free play places for children in our Tavarapuoti. Our free of charge game and adventure world offers children an adventure track of 80m2. There is also a play place for children next to the Marimekko department. People of all ages enjoy the free of charge Game World made for playing Arcade games.

Moomin Park is a kiddy favorite. Finland's largest Moomin playground is near the entrance to the VillageShop. Our little visitors can play there free of charge. The VillageShop area also has a skate park provided by the city of Alavus.

The VillageShop's Minigolf miniature golf course offers the whole family a break from shopping.

hotellihuone onnentahti keskinenhuone onnetahti superior ja fiiliskuva

VillageShop - accommodation in style

Hotel OnnenTähti (LuckyStar)

Hotel LuckyStar has 43 elegantly decorated rooms with tailored furniture and crystal chandeliers.

LuckyStar has four luxurious suites. The largest and most splendid one of them is the OnnenSviitti (LuckySuite) of 107m². JuhlaSviitti has a sauna and it is especially popular among newlyweds, while TorniSviitti can house a large family with children. Pets are also welcome to stay in some of the rooms.

Even the basic rooms in Hotel LuckyStar are like suites. 

Book your Hotel Onnentähti room


Karavaanarialue onnela keskinen tuurionnela ilmasta keskinen tuuri kylakauppa

RV Park Onnela

In 2013, RV Park Onnela was given the Caravan Park of the Year Award (by SF-Caravan ry). The area has 243 RV lots with electricity available throughout the year. The RV Park offers comprehensive services: beach, sauna (summertime), sauna booked for private use throughout the year, BBQ facility, playground, recreation area for dogs, waste management, facilities for dishwashing and laundry, toilets and showers, water outlet and RV waste water service. Onnela is known for its friendly service, cleanliness and especially peaceful nights.

RV Park Onnela is a place for enjoying time with family, friends and other guests.

keskinen kylakauppa tuuri onnentahti hotelli ravintola alacarte

Delicious meals for everyone

You will not have to shop with an empty stomach because our restaurants offer a wide variety of delicacies. You can choose between the tasty meals of three cafeterias, two fast food restaurants and three restaurants.

Cafeteria OnnenKivi (LuckyStone) serves customers in the location where Toivo Keskinen, the founder of the VillageShop, had his shop. The cafeteria has on display a wide variety of items that were for sale in the old shop.

LuckyStone restaurant is a transformed old cowshed built of stone. The beautiful wall stones of the restaurant were quarried by hand from the bedrock of Tuuri, and it is covered with a shingle roof.

Restaurant OnnenTähti (LuckyStar) serves its customers on the Kauppakatu (MarketStreet) of Ruokapuoti (FoodShop). This serenely elegant restaurant, which seats 60, offers a splendid atmosphere to enjoy good food and drink.

Emotions and stories

Central Square - the heart of events

The Central Square is a lively venue for events and encounters in the middle of Tavarapuoti. Lots of different events are organized there, such as artists' performances, fashion shows, dancing and various theme events. Central Square is also the place for showy displays. It is the stage for many different happenings.

Finland's largest money collection

Markan Tarina (Markka's Story) – a tidbit of unique history. Markan Tarina is Finland's largest exhibition of money used in Finland 1860-2002. Markan Tarina monetary room, located in Tavarapuoti in the VillageShop, exhibits Finnish Mark coins and bills as well as golden coins from Finland 1963-2001, the Olympic Coins, treasures of the most significant events in the Finnish history and commemorative silver coins minted after the monetary reform. Also money from the eras of the Swedish and Russian rule of our country is on display.

Visit the VillageShop's tour of the history of money in Finland for free.

Tuuri is easy to reach

Tuuri village is in Alavus in Southern Ostrobothnia. Main road 18 goes through the village and Tuuri has also a train stop on the route from Seinäjoki to Haapamäki.

Tourist services in the vicinity

Ähtäri Zoo
Huvivaltio Powerpark in Alahärmä
Duudson's Activity Park in Seinäjoki
Sport & Fun in Kuortane Sports College
Kalajärvi Tourist Center

Find out more about what to see and experience in Southern Ostrobothnia: and

You must come and personally experience the unique atmosphere of the VillageShop!

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