From a VillageShop to a tourist attraction

Veljekset Keskinen Ltd is situated in southern Ostrobothnia, in the village of Tuuri with only 500 inhabitants. According to its sales it is the second best in Finland. Only Stockmann in Helsinki is ahead. This tiny little VillageShop has grown heavily during the years, both the size of it and the product range have grown. At the same time it has become surrounded by the whole village of different stores: over 60 enterprises do business in the neighbourhood, for example clothes shops, car dealerships, a liqueur store, a pharmacist’s, a jewellery store, an optician’s, a travel agency, a private clinic, a miniature golf track and a labyrinth world. The VillageShop sells over 250 000 products which surely will meet the needs of each and every customer.

The VillageShop itself consists of different units that all pull together. Every unit has its own name. The Department store is the place where to buy non food items, the Food store sells groceries, the Garden store sells all kinds of items for gardening. We have Hotel OnnenTahti, restaurant OnnenKivi, traffic centre OnnenLiekki, caravan area Onnela and two Shopping alleys with other entrepreneurs. Our restaurant services offer all kinds of delicacies: there are three cafeterias, two grills, one pizzeria and one á la carte restaurant to choose from.

According to the Finnish Tourist Board the VillageShop is the most famous tourist attraction with its over 5,8 million yearly visitors (2005). The University of Tampere has made four studies a year ever since 2001 which show that people drive approximately 150 kilometres to get to us, in July even more (over 200 kilometres).

The VillageShop is the best known for its events. There are over 50 smaller or bigger events at the premises of the VillageShop every year. Our own happenings has a common name: Million. We have Million Ice Fishing, Million Rock, Miss Million, Million Skidoo, etc. They all have gathered thousands of people here.